Kazakhstan Visa Application Process Overview

Please note that we are a specialised visa agency that provides visa application for countries around the world. We are not an embassy, or are not in any way affiliated with any government body.

We charge for our service, the document checking, processing and return. We endeavour to take full responsibility of your application, ensure all documentation is checked, and sending our courier to queue up and process on your behalf.

If you wish to contact the embassy you can contact them via this link.

Have a question about your Visa

Have a question about your Visa

The prices for the visa fee and the service fee vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the number of entries. As a summary, the single entry prices and service fees are summarised below:

Single Entry Tourist Visa: 50.00 | Service Fee: 80.00 + VAT
Single Entry Business Visa: 35.00 | Service Fee: 110.00 + VAT