Kazakhstan Visa Types

There are 4 main types of visas for travellers to Kazakhstan. Please read our overview of the different types of Kazakhstan visas available for application. Please review the types of visa to Kazakhstan you need for upcoming trip and proceed with compiling the full requirements which include Kazakhstan visas forms passport photos, necessary letters and more.

Please review the visa types as below:

Kazakhstan Tourist Visa This visa is applicable for visitors planning to take a holiday in Kazakhstan. You will be required to show information regarding your trip. Please see our Kazakhstan tourist visa page
Kazakhstan Business Visa If you are intending to visit Kazakhstan to undertake business activities, you will be required to obtain a business visa to Kazakhstan. There is an array of information you will need including items from the inviting company.
Kazakhstan Transit Visa If you are transiting through Kazakhstan, then a transit visa is required. This allows you to travel overland or via air. Please note that an array of information is required for this.
Kazakhstan Private Visa For those that are making a private visitor to see people in Kazakhstan, a private Kazakhstan visa is required for this. Relevant invite information is required for this.

If you require more information on the type of Kazakhstan visa you need to obtain in London from the Kazakhstan embassy, and then please contact us via phone or email. We can assist with this query in an accurate manner ensuring the most recent information is provided to you.